In today's competitive marketing environment, companies needed to have a preliminary material that could be shared during formal introductions as expediency and a memory aid. For this reason business cards came into being. Business cards are very flexible; they are not limited to executives but can also be used efficiently by subordinates.

Business cards are not only used as introductory material but also they are promotional items. Elegant design, colors and fonts of your business cards stand them out from others. A beautiful business card represents your organization's image to your future customer. So you have to work hard while creating your business card in order to build your image and make your business standout.

A wrong decision may result in losing an opportunity. So your business card should be multi-colored and attractive. Consider using a tagline in your business cards as it makes your business cards unique. Your competitor's business card will just have usual contact information while your card will have a smooth and simple tagline which will say it all. A picture business card may also be very appealing.