Door hanger is an economical promotional item, designed to be hung from a door knob, and can be used to convey any message to any one passing by, They can be used to advertise the existing business to the new comers in the area also. Door hangers can be distributed from door to door in an area.

Disseminating door-to-door massage is the most economical and effective way of promotion as compared to other advertising tactics. This is because it is the most economical tool. It is economical because

With door to door access of the massage, the degree of exposure to public notice of the information is very high. It is virtually guaranteed that in case of door hangers, massage will be viewed at-least once by any one who comes to the door. Whatever you do, wherever you live, the most affordable and effective way to get your targeted customer's attention can be achieved via customized door hanger printing.

The quality of design with regards to door hangers is the key issue. Like any other promotional item, if it fails to attract customers, then it will not only be a loss of time and money but can leave a bad impression of your business. The quality of design is a reflection of your approach towards business; it also depicts the thinking of the entrepreneur or management.