In the past, only the hand made envelops were available for use, but after the invention of envelop-making machines, envelop stuffing was replaced with this new technology. These envelop-making machines are fast, efficient, and effective as compared to the old envelop stuffing method.

An envelope is a container that is designed to contain flat objects like, letters, brochures, cards etc, and is usually made of paper or cardboard. Traditionally it has three shapes: diamond, short-arm cross and the kite, and people used them for posting letters in paper envelops, and invitations to relatives in invitation envelops .

Today, the trends have changed. Businesses don't want to loose out on any opportunity in attracting its customers or in promoting their products. Business Envelopes is one good way of reaching out to your customers. Businesses can utilize customized printed Envelopes for the promotion of their products and services.

Company information logo, brand name or any other promotional graphics and images can be printed on Full color envelops , for the promotion of existing products/ packages, and services of the business in question. Such envelopes are used for posting bills, letters, brochures, flyers, samples, greeting cards and other similar materials to existing and new customers.

Normally people use their own offset or laser printers for the custom envelop printing instead of getting hold of a commercial printing service. This approach is cost effective on a small scale, but in case of volumetric printing it does not suite to have them done your self. The only wise thing to do in such a case would be to reach out to a commercial printer and have them manufactured at a competitive rate and in good time. Moreover commercial custom envelop manufacturers are professionals in their designs and can produce superior quality brilliantly designed customized envelopes with a much less cost and time period.