Letterhead is a business stationary stamped or embossed with the company name, logo, and address at the top. Businesses must know the importance of letterheads. Some people think that it is just a formality. But in fact it shows the professionalism of the business.

Letterhead printing can be done by several different ways. The most commonly used method is through commercial printing companies. If you want to print thousands of letterhead sheets then this method is best for you. But if you require only few letterhead sheets then you can do this by using inkjet or laser printers.

The standard letterhead sheet size is 8.5 x 11 inches. This can vary according to the need and demand. Normally letterheads are printed on 24 lb bright white stock standard or 60-80 # paper stock.

The importance of the letterhead is for both, old and new business entrants. If anyone starting a new business, a good and professionally designed logo will help him in developing a good business image. A good letterhead logo can express the interest and ideas of the organization. It also reflects your business identity and professional ability in a better way. A company letterhead logo must be unique and do not resembles with the logos of other companies.

Some people may think that, why letterheads are still important in the era where fax and emails have become the primary source of communication. So for those people, a proposal via fax or email in replacement of formal proposal on a dedicated letterhead can lose the company image. In order to avoid this image loss you must use quality letterhead papers to follow up emails or faxed proposals.

Designing letterheads is the most important and sensitive issue. The letterhead design must match with the overall stationary of the company that is the part of the advertising campaign. Lots of online printing companies are providing the letterhead design and printing services. They also provide different business letterhead samples and templates for the customers to choose the appropriate design.