Marketing through postcards is considered to be an economical and efficient way to attract customers towards your product and services. It provides a simple, cost effective and flexible promotion solution for businesses that are launching new products and trying to reach new customers.

Businesses use this approach due to several reasons like; they are cheap to print and mail, easy to handle, and can produce quickly. Moreover they prove to be a good attention getter because of full color, double side printing and eye catching graphics.

In addition to the marketing and advertising business postcard printing have several other uses. Businesses use them for survey and reply. Sometimes postcards are used as the order form in conjunction with other marketing tools like brochure and booklet etc. They can also be used to announce business and product news.

Cost of post card printing depends on the type of card, and coating. A coated heavier stock post card is more reliable, attractive and expensive as compared to a simple, uncoated and light weight card. Standard sizes of the postcard are 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 5" x 8"and 6" x 9" but can be available in any custom sizes.

Purpose of the postcard is the most important consideration while designing it. The design of a postcard used as order form is different from the one used for survey or reply. So you must be clear about the purpose of the postcard before designing it. Majority of the online postcard printing companies provide assistance in designing the custom postcards or personalized post cards.